Repair Service Information:

Anesthesia Associates, Inc. (AincA) has a range of capabilities and equipment to test and repair anesthesia and respiratory care products manufactured by us as well as by others. Devices include respirometers (analog and digital), fiberoptic and conventional laryngoscopes, manometers and related materials, scavenging and pop-off valves, nerve stimulators, and carbon dioxide absorbers. Prices are reasonable and repairs are completed in a timely manner.

Anesthesia Associates, Inc. (AincA)
is designated as a Factory Authorized Repair Center for Wright Respirometers and Wright Peak Flow Meters. Special programs are in place to repair and calibrate all qualifying units for a FIXED RATE, including parts and labor (exclusions do apply). Other styles of respirometers (such as Fraser-Harlake or Ohmeda) are also professionally repaired after an estimate for repair is generated and approved. A complete Calibration Certification Program is available on repaired units.

All units for repair are to be submitted with a valid Purchase Order Number, a Contact Name and Phone Number, Organization Name and Address, and a Return Shipment Name and Address. Specific "Certificates of Calibration" are available, and should be requested at the time of submission of the repair. Please contact the Customer Service department of Anesthesia Associates if you have questions about specific products.

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