Purchasing Products:

PLEASE NOTE: Updated Price Lists Are effective: April 1, Each Year

We at Anesthesia Associates, Inc. strive to provide high quality products at competitive prices through an extensive network of knowledgeable Dealers. We do NOT* sell "direct". Virtually all of our products are in stock and "off the shelf" either at your local Dealer, or at our central manufacturing warehouse. Items ordered by the Dealer from the factory before 2pm PST are usually shipped the same day. The local Dealer that you work with will be responsible for handling your orders and should be able to answer most of your detailed questions. If at any time you have additional questions, technical needs or unique requests please do not hesitate to contact us directly at the factory.

To determine which Dealers are in your local area, please contact us with details regarding the State and geographical area you are in.

*Military and Governement Entities

As a patriotic courtesy we do sell direct to Military and Government Facilities. Government entities have the option to choose to purchase directly through Anesthesia Associates, Inc. (AincA) or through a local AincA dealer. Knowledgeable AincA customer service representatives are always available to assist with your purchase order or dealer selection at (760)744-6561. Allowable forms of payment include Government Checks, Electronic Fund Transfers and Visa and Master Cards.


Credit Card Processing and Merchant Accounts

For Military & Government Facilities Only

Outside of the United States?
For those outside of our normal dealer-supply network, please use one of the three options below to order and obtain products from Anesthesia Associates, Inc. Payment in advance is to be made in US Dollars. This may be in the form of an international money order, a bank wire transfer (wire transfer fees apply), or by a check in US Dollars drawn on a US Bank or its Affiliate. Please note that we do NOT accept credit card payments.

  1. You may place an order by fax or e-mail. We will respond with the Total Invoice amount in US Dollars. Upon receipt of payment, we will use your carrier account information to ship your products to the foreign address that you indicated.
  2. If you have a representative residing in or traveling through the US with an address to ship to, we can take an order from you and drop ship the products to your selected US representative after receipt of payment.
  3. If you have a medical dealer / importer in your area that you presently use, you can inform us, and we will attempt to arrange payment and shipment of your order through them.