New Product Information:

AincA VideoStylet; Difficult Visualization Made Easy & Affordable ($499):
Change your intubation perspective, view through the tip of the ET Tube. The AincA VideoStylet is an inexpensive, lightweight, reusable “through the endotracheal tube” viewing system and introducing stylet. It allows the practitioner to obtain a direct view from the tip of the endotracheal tube as it progresses during intubation. The stylet is waterproof and can be cleaned by scrub/wash/wipe, high-level disinfected in 2% Glutaraldehyde, or sterilized in Sterrad® gas plasma hydrogen peroxide. 00-675-B

AincA 00-100-PLUS Peripheral Nerve Stimulator:
The 00-100-PLUS Peripheral Nerve Stimulator is a lightweight, battery powered, hand held and adjustable stimulator with ball electrodes. It is specifically designed for a wide range of clinical uses with both ball electrodes and various extension lead sets. Functions include Twitch, Train-of-Four, and both 50Hz and 100Hz Tetanus. All functions are selected from the sealed front membrane panel switches, under easy user control. Output voltage is fully adjustable, and functions can be set to automatically repeat (Twitch and TOF). LED indicators show the status of the device, low battery condition, the selected function, and pulse delivery. The 00-100-PLUS comes complete with ball electrodes and a 9V battery in an easily accessible compartment. 00-100-PLUS
The new “standard-of-care” for all MRI Suites up to 3.0 Tesla, the Anesthesia Associates, Inc. (AincA) MRI Manual Jet Ventilator comes complete with a Luer attached 20 cm malleable stylette for a variety of emergency airway management solutions. Other end attachments are available, and units can be ordered with any required lengths of hose or types of inlet quick disconnect fittings. A complete emergency airway tool for use in the MRI Suite! 00-325-MRI