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Since 1958, Anesthesia Associates Inc. (AincA) has manufactured durable reusable products for anesthesia and respiratory care professionals. These include our NEW AincA VideoStylet (a reusable "through the ETT" video stylet viewing system: Difficult Visualization Made Easy),fiber-optic and conventional laryngoscopes, lighted stylettes, and aids for difficult intubation. Also available are breathing circuits and related components, valves, special adapters, manometers, latex free items, nerve stimulators, CO2 absorbers, Jet Ventilators and digital and analog respirometers. MRI specialty items are available including a complete MRI Manual Jet Ventilator system, pressure gauges, fittings and adapters. Our products also provide a large range of solutions for the Veterinary Anesthesia practice in the form of specialized Veterinary Laryngoscopes, Masks, Breathing Bags, Induction Chambers, and Intubation Aids. Custom repair of vintage anesthesia machine parts available. Anesthesia Associates provides repair services for items sold, as well as being an Authorized Repair Center for Respirometers and Peak Flow Meters. Please click on the "NEW PRODUCTS" bar to the Left to view Recent Additions and Specials. If the data provided on this site does not answer your questions, please feel free to contact us.
PLEASE NOTE: Updated Price Lists Are Effective: April 1, Each Year